Wednesday, 28 July 2010

the foxy golden girl

Blanche, she's here!! Not shaped like an old lady, but like a mobile soundsystem.

We took a very boring grey walker, spray-painted it pink and kitted it out with alot of gear and now we can make alot of noise, everywhere! We stroll behind the walker in style while playing a happy mix of boogaloo, reggae, soul, dancehall, dub and all the other things that make you feel sooo good!!

It's all in our coconutsmix. Have a listen here.

To celebrate the birth of Blanche we will be going for a loong walk in Berlin this summer. We will hit every spot we can and keep you posted on everything that is going on. So if you're in Berlin this summer.. Come boogie with us!

Monday, 5 July 2010

No Italo Tourist

Yes, the day has finally come: the holiday to be specific...

When our german friends (who are actually dutch) decided to get married in france, we were told they wanted to fly us in to DJ at their wedding. Of course we really had to think about that... NOT! But before we bring the happy tunes and party with the newlyweds, we will set up camp and try to ride some waves in a different part of france; Ile d'Oleron. Even though I can't surf, I love hanging out in the water and I just like to pose for pictures holding a board.

We leave you with an awesome feelgood song by Amari. Enjoy your long hot nights.... I know we will!

Amari - Italo Tourist (Get it here)